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Thomas W. Strahan Memorial Library
Standard of Care for Abortion
Abortion Decision-Making
Psychological Effects of Abortion
Social Effects and Implications
Physical Effects of Abortion
Abortion and Maternal Mortality
Adolescents and Abortion
Definition of Terms
Women's Health After Abortion
Material Yet to be cataloged

Abortion Risks: Medical Studies, Articles, Commentary, and Resources

This site hosts the largest bibliography of medical studies related to abortion on the internet, carefully organized by specific topics. You will also find articles and commentaries on important issues. And you have the opportunity to contribute to this site.

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Following are some areas where you are especially
encouraged to contribute your own content

Your Testimony
Your Post-Abortion Ministry
Your Original Articles
Resources, Programs and Other Materials

News and Commentary

Special Projects

APA Abortion Report
RCOG Guidelines
Charles et al
Munk-Olsen et al
NCCMH Review
Abortion Counseling
Recent Studies
Index of Detrimental Effects of Abortion: An Annotated Bibliography
Area for Tom Strahan's articles
Material to be cataloged
Abortion Policy
Research on Induced Abortion as Treatment

Please contribute your own content.

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